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SECOND SUSPICIOUS VAN Filled With Hundreds of Gallons of Gasoline Found in Baltimore County Ahead of GOP Retreat

Cassandra Fairbanks

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The Baltimore County Fire Department has reported that they are on the scene of a second suspicious van carrying 660 gallons of gasoline, hours after one holding 1,000 gallons was found in a parking structure .8 miles from where the House GOP is scheduled to host their retreat on Thursday.

The fire department tweeted that no explosives or hazards were found and that it appears to be related to a theft.

// Hazmat // Ebenezer Rd & Pulaski Hwy// units on location for a report of a suspicious van carrying 660 gallons of fuel. No explosives or hazards found. Appears to be related to a theft. MDE on location. Fire dept units are clearing location. ^MJ


The department is clearing the area and has not stated whether or not there is any connection to the van found earlier in the day.

President Trump will be attending the 2019 House Republican Conference Member Retreat in the city later this week, a........