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Joe Biden Quits Presidential Race [in 1988] Over Plagiarism and Lying! He's Done!

Glenn Candy

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Yes, that’s right Joe Biden quit the Presidential race in 1988 because he admitted he plagiarized in law school and lied about his grades!     You can see it in the first clip!   I’ve never seen this before and I know most of you haven’t either so SHARE SHARE SHARE!   He knew his actions disqualified him from being President and quit!   Why is it okay to run now Joe?  Did you go back in a time machine and not cheat in law school and lie about your grades?  If not, then you can’t be President now either!   It wasn’t okay in 1988 and it’s not okay in 2020!   

The three videos in this article will sink Joe Biden for President!   I’m not even worried about Joe Biden in the least because I know God will give President Trump a great victory over this Joe Biden fraud in 2020 or anybody else for that matter!   All true Christians will vote for Trump because you cannot be a Christian and support killing babies for any reason like Joe Biden and the other democrats do.  End of story.   When you vote Democrat and vote to kill God’s babies, you voted with satan who loves to kill babies too!   Democrats really love killing babies and they love trying to take guns and taking away freedom of speech by banning Christians and conservatives on social networks.   It’s pure evil and cowardly but liberals can’t compete with their own ideas on a level playing field so they have no choice.  They must lie and cheat just like Joe Biden!  They have to shut down debate because they will lose every time if they don’t!