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SURPRISE SURPRISE: Oil refineries in Venezuela are now exploding

Jim Stone

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Also, in at least one district, during the mayhem saboteurs connected oil lines to water lines so when the water came back on the entire water system got wrecked. There's a saboteur based war going on in Venezuela. A coward's war. Someone is not brave enough to send cruise missiles so they are pulling other B.S.

Fact: Power outages do not mysteriously put oil in water lines at 100 percent concentration! A little skiff of oil might be believable from back flow after the lines lost pressure in a country full of oil but there's no way pure black crude would come out at full pressure instead of water. But trolls are hitting multiple forums and blogs, saying yep, it can, because "Venezuela is so incompetent under Maduro that this really can happen and the country needs a NWO jack boot savior! Maduro ripped the brains out of everyone, he's so bad that suddenly overnight everyone got stupid and can't tell the difference between an oil line or a water line, or an on/off button on a generator."


Study Venezuela

We are clearly seeing a new form of warfare. Study Venezuela and remember, because when the same group wrecking Venezuela tries this in the U.S. it will be helpful to have learned from this. What we are seeing in Venezuela is a combination of virus attacks, small drone attacks where the drones are not shooting or dropping bombs, combined with on the ground saboteurs.

They educated us with Venezuela

I think it is foolish for whoever is doing this to Venezuela to do it, because they are showing Americans the exact same guerrilla tactics that can be used against THEM, - like - All across America there are fuse disconnects on large power transmission lines that are only locked with a padlock, and a simple pair of bolt cutters will get rid of those locks and pull of a handle can knock power out to millions and such things are right out in the great wide open, not secured AT ALL. And it would not damage anything but it would take hours before anyone figured out what happened. Tons of substations are only protected by hurricane fence, and to wipe out a transformer, all you have to do is cut the fence and remove large plugs that are at the bottoms of all the large transformers to drain the oil which acts as an insulator, and they'll blow up without it . . . . . remove one of the plugs and RUN. . . . .this is the kind of crap they are doing in Venezuela, LEARN FROM IT, it will be useful in a civil war. Stupid stupid morons teaching everyone how to kick their asses on their own home turf. Just to steal a nation's oil.


I'd like to be clear, to anyone reading this in fear: We hate you. The greater American public HATES YOUR GUTS. We hate you for destroying our kids with shots and then claiming anyone who notices is an anti-science moron, while you turn around and write laws to double down and FORCE THOSE WHO KNOW BETTER to destroy their kids with the shots anyway, shots that Italy proved are not vaccines at all. And in Italy, through whatever subversive elements you have in place, you doubled down despite this and forced everyone to get the shots anyway, at rates higher than before. That's war. And our disability and autism stats PROVE IT, how much more do we  need? Oh, but we are stupid for noticing, and you really will make us believe all is well by publishing B.S. claiming unvaccinated kids have autism more than the vaccinated? What do you want? A rope around your neck? A bullet in the brain? That kind of insult to those who have been injured surely justifies it.

WE HATE YOU for running the universities as indoctrination centers. WE HATE YOU FOR SUBVERTING OUR PRESIDENT. And we know who you are, let's not all pretend to be stupid about it.

Finally real numbers on guns came out. At a bare minimum there are 500, 000, 000 long rifles in the U.S. backed by several trillion bullets. And q-anon is there, to make damn good and sure everyone sits on those guns and does nothing, because they expected a savior to do the dirty work for them. Meanwhile families are getting incapacitated by millions of children totally destroyed by autism, and the remainder never reaching their potential because ALL got damaged, just not enough to sit, spin, and blow bubbles for the rest of their lives. Yep, if you can at least walk down the street without getting run over, you're not vaccine damaged despite the fact that you lost your ability to be the next Tesla or Edison. Funny thing, NO NEW STUFF LIKE THAT LATELY. But Hawkins and H1-B visa holders will save us!

I gotta say, Venezuela made it quite clear how filthy the enemies of the American people are, enemies who suck the cash of the country to then use it to destroy both US and everyone else. It is so obvious what went on there, and they just smoothed it over like a glassy crystalline ocean of beauty, and never once did the truth cause a stir on the surface of it all.

That is exactly what we are up against right here, on our own turf, with the vaccine scam, antidepressants, GMO's and everything else, (I tend to focus on the vaccines because they amount to simply arriving and shooting a kid in the head - especially the white males, which the "vaccines" are specifically designed to destroy the worst) and are turning our future into a hopeless mess where we will do nothing but care for the disabled while the rest who were not damaged badly enough to need direct care, won't be able to solve anything because they are too damaged to do more than what they are told to do.

What will the future hold? It all depends upon whether or not the people wake up and realize elections won't work, Q and Q's successor won't save anything, and THE CAVALRY IS US.

Wow, you really can't find information anymore

Up until recently, searches for basic information would return good results. Now there's no info to be had at all. Not even simple non-conspiracy things, like what happens to the body during very high speed impacts, (with exact data). It's just not there anymore. I wanted to at least link impact data to show there would not be bodies left at the scene of the Ethiopian airlines crash. I already knew where things started to get dicey, so I quoted 180 MPH as being the speed at which an unprotected body, striking a solid object, has no significant parts remaining for identification. That's not the same as a car crash, where the car takes away a lot of the impact. However, as speed increases beyond that, the impact becomes so much worse that whatever you are in is a lot less a factor. The bottom line is that the people stating the crash did not happen are either intentionally hoaxing, or don't realize just how bad 400 MPH impacts are.

Update to below to clarify:

In normal airline crashes, you can find body parts and sometimes even entire bodies because the pilots usually can at least try to control how the plane comes down, and they skid the plane any way they can while avoiding huge sudden impacts. But in the case of the Ethiopian airlines crash, it hit nose first straight into the ground at 400 mph. There would not be body parts left to find. At that speed, bodies simply vanish. Yes, you can find bodies in airline crashes in most cases. This particular crash would not have been a "most cases" scenario.

No bodies at the Ethiopian air crash site?

There is a conspiracy making the rounds, saying no plane crashed and it is all a hoax, because there are no bodies. Let's get this straight once and for all:

At impact speeds above about 180 mph, the body vaporizes. You don't even find bones. They said the impact speed was about 400. All of this is consistent with the fuselage falling apart at high speed and low elevation, with the wind grabbing surfaces on the plane that should not be there because it was falling apart, causing a control failure and bad decision by the computer which was suddenly dealing with numbers it was not supposed to ever see, which then slammed the plane nose first into the ground at 400 MPH. Nothing would be left.

The problem was a bad H1-B computer program, combined with a poorly made H1-B airframe. Nothing in the debris is going to "look new" after cratering at 400 mph. Case closed.

Trump: Paul Ryan blocked ALL lawsuits aganst Dems

If you want to know why Trump was unable to prosecute Hillary, it is because Paul Ryan blocked it all. He was working for the Dems. Now that the Dems control the house, NO ONE will be prosecuted.

Failure to clean up the government lands squarely on the head of Paul Ryan and not Trump. Trump actually tried, but hit too much resistance from the Republican side to get it done.

FACT: When it gets this bad, the only thing that works is rope and telephone poles.

We cannot elect a functioning government anymore, everything is too rigged and there are too many traitors. There won't be any lawsuits or anyone jailed now that Ryan screwed everything.

The U.S. government is a system of checks and balances, to prevent one part of the government from getting out of control and taking over. In this case, the "checks and balances" screwed the American people, because the subversion was complete enough to prevent a righteous savior from fixing anything. Trump is playing things to not show his weakness after the Omnibus spending bill took even what limited power the president has away. He's claiming Pelosi does not want to impeach him anymore because he's clean. That may be true, but the reality is that with the supreme court subverted, that spending bill, which is unconstitutional, stripped the presidency of so much power that Pelosi has nothing to fear anymore.

It really is pitch forks time, the coup has happened. Trump is now playing suck up to anyone who can give him some form of power, which is why he's gone rogue on Venezuela.

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