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SWORN AFFIDAVIT - The True Theft of the united States of America's Most Economically Superior Mineral and Geologic Deposits

Brian Young

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Note: Have no contact information for a Jeff Dougherty, or the Jeff Dougherty who purportedly wrote the below, so read with a grain of salt, even though the article is poorly written, and seemingly strung together willy nilly, it does allude to areas where further research might be conducted if one chose to do so. 

Sunday December 2nd 2018

URANIUM ONE - The True Theft of the united States of America's Most Economically Superior Mineral and Geologic Deposits - GOLD, SILVER, COPPER, RARE EARTH MINERALS, TUNGSTON, NICKEL, URANIUM - Confessions of a Miner/Prospector/Precious Metals Assayer/Self Taught Geologist


I, Jeff Dougherty, a real breathing man made in the image of his Creator, my blood flows and my flesh lives, I have hands and feet, and I do swear that this is the true account and testament of my knowledge and knowledge of my experience in my life which has caused me to swear that the following is true, accurate, that I am of sound mind, and I give the following testament of my own free volition.

I discovered that URANIUM ONE, is actually a scam to steal all of America's most valuable reserves right out from under We The People.  I discovered this fact by accidentally finding that URANIUM ONE had claimed up an entire mountain of Gold and Silver in Eastern Oregon, and underneath that Gold and Silver, is a giant Copper deposit, and contained in that giant Copper deposit, is a whole lot more Gold and Silver.

How I came to discover this fact, is due to my having been the precious metals assayer, and smelter, and buyer, for AAA Precious Metals in Portland, OR, the largest refinery in the state of Oregon.  For four years during the gold boom from 2010 to 2014, I smelted and melted over $400 million U.S. dollars in Au, Ag, Pt, Pd.  We had many miners and jewelers and industry folks bringing us metal.  We had so much placer native gold nuggets and dust mined and coming in from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California, we could tell right where it came from by the purity, metallurgical content checked by X-ray florescence spectrometry, color, and appearance.

One day a guy came in with seven million in gold nuggets and dust, along with him he brought a representative of a church, to which he was donating half the money from the proceeds of selling the metal.  I smelted it into five very large bars along with the help of my boss, the metallurgical engineer, Jason Eslinger of AAA Precious Metals.  I asked him what corner of the state he had mined the gold, the told me NE Oregon, and I asked him, "Like south of the Eagle Cap Wilderness?" he smiled, and nodded.

"Cornucopia?" I asked. "How the hell!" he responded with a big grin.

He then proceeded to tell me... that he was there running a mining operation on Pine Creek for his dad while his dad was running an adjacent logging operation.  They would clean up 500 oz per day on gold and mined the gravels there for two years. You can understand why I have held on to this information for as long as I have, it is very valuable information.  But I now see the need to let go of any wealth that I would gain from keeping this knowledge for myself so that I can expose the great corruption that is URANIUM ONE and the great corruption that has been the Federal Governments aiding and abetting the theft of America's Mineral and Metal Reserves from We The People by a systematic passing of regulations and statutes (not laws) and by designating areas as Federal Protected Wildernesses which were belonged to We The People, and forever supposed to be open for multiple use permit.

When I went to look up the claim activity on Pine Creek, and at the site of the famous Cornucopia gold placers, I discovered a company called URANIUM ONE had claimed up the whole mountain, please keep in mind is back in 2013 that i made this discovery, back before URANIUM ONE had become a household name of theft and treachery for stealing America's Uranium reserves, well "Screw that!" I say, URANIUM ONE and the Clinton's Crime Family were taking EVERYTHING they could RUN WITH!

I grew up remembering my oldest memory of my Grandpa and his telling me of a lost gold mine.  So I grew up wanting to be a gold miner, and between my thirty years of research and education into mining, prospecting, and geology from the age of 10 to my now near 40 years of age and my learning's and experience under my greatest teacher, Jimmy the Greek, and Jimmy the Greek's years of experience with his two teachers, two old men who both survived WWII and mined for a total of seventy years each, they were both in their mid 80's when they taught Jimmy the Greek, and they taught him every thing they knew, because their own personal children didn't like mining because it was dirty, and because their mothers had said mining is dirty.  So the two old guys liked Jimmy because Jimmy didn't mind getting dirty or being a pack mule for two old timers.  They were the two most successful Old Timer gold miners in the western states, they owned more than sixty properties between them, each one paid by the adjacent mine in less than 5 years time.

So I would say that leaves me with somewhere around a 175 years of combined mining knowledge, plus or minus, as well as a self taught education in Geology by reading the greats like Waldimore Lindgren, who was the head of the U.S. geological survey around 1902.  Waldimore Lindgren was one of the last geologists to actually be able to visit many plentiful mines and write about the geology found therein.  Now there are barely any family operated mining operations, they have all been run out of town by the Federal government, the likes of the Clintons and their administrations.  Waldomore Lindgren published the "Gold Mines of the Blue Mountains in Oregon, inside that book you will find the mountain in Eastern Oregon claimed up by URANIUM ONE, the area that is today known as the Eagle Cap Wilderness and if you did not already figure it out, the Federal government puts Protected Wildernesses on top of the biggest mineral deposits.

I also became friends with the head Geologist at D.O.G.A.M.I (Department of Geology and Mineral Industries of Oregon) and was able to receive a hard drive (to which I made copies) and containing therein all the geology documents ever filed with the Bureau of Mines and other Federal, State, County, level agencies, regulators pertaining to mining documents.   The head geologist told me how they were literally having to fund raise to get their paychecks and that is because the Federal government and the State Government wanted to shut them down, I now know how the government works, cause and effect, they cause one thing to happen, so they can then do another thing.  In this case, by closing down all the mines, the government could then close down the agency, soon only big corporations can mine.  Inside these records from the geologist, I have proof that there is no uranium in the deposits held by URANIUM ONE on the land that falls within the metes and bounds of Oregon.  If there is any Uranium, it is insignificant to the Gold, Silver, and Copper.

There used to be a site called where you could go and look at the mining claims, that has now gone away, I wonder why.

But you can still use the LR2000 BLM database to look at actual Public Land Survey System plat maps for Township Range and Section and you can confirm that the URANIUM ONE claimed up the entire mountain surrounding the famous historical Cornucopia Gold Placer Mining operations which mined the gravels and angular rock of Pine Creek on the south end of the Eagle Caps Wilderness, in Eastern Oregon, and that URANIUM ONE has also claimed up the whole mountain which also was home to the some of the most famous historical producing gold/silver/copper mines in Oregon up on the sides of the mountain just above the famous Cornucopia gold placers.

So why is a URANIUM ONE, a supposed Canadian Uranium company being aided and abetted by Secretary Hillary Clinton, and Robert Mueller of the FBI, and Russian Oligarchs, claiming up the largest riches of America.  Probably the same reason that the Forest Service under Bill Clinton, and Obama, have continued to give out sixty day extension letters to any small miner who submits a plan of operations to perform mining activity, and the that continues until the miner actually dies and is buried in the dirt to which he was trying to dig.

World War I killed one third of the gold miners.  World war II killed another one third of the gold miners.  Then the United States government outlawed the crushing of rock which contained gold and silver from 1931 to 1939 (Edit typo: actual dates were 1941-1949), causing 95% of all gold mines in the United States to close and never re-open.  That is a fact and anyone worth a rats ass in mining or geology, knows it to be true.  The only mine operators these days are big corporations, because it takes ten years in court suing the government to start an operation.  Anyways,.. then the government took us off the Gold standard, then they took us off the Silver standard, all so they could steal 2% per year from us and call it inflation.  Do you see where I am going with this?  Kill all the miners, outlaw an industry, make our money worthless, prohibit small miners from mining, then steal all of America's wealth through Federal Protected Forest and Adjacent property claimed up by URANIUM ONE, do you get it now?  URANIUM ONE CAN THEN UNDERMINE THE DEPOSITS UNDERNEATH THE PROTECTED WILDERNESSES.

I am talking about a plan 100 years long to take all of the riches from America away from We The People, starting with WWI and ending with URANIUM ONE.

My name is Jeff Dougherty of Portland Oregon

Everything I have provided here is true and easily prove-able, fact check me, and you can learn history for yourselves.

If you would like to find out more about who the de facto corporation "United States" government services provider for profit corporation really is, you can read my article below, which also reveals our long lost Prince of Camelot, returned to save us from the Evil Foreign For Profit Corporation, "United States," NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH, "united States of America."