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Fireworks explosions kill 24 in central Mexico

Jim Stone

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I saw a few reports about this yesterday so I figured I would mention this:

A firworks manufacturing facility that was very well run and in compliance with all code had a saboteur destroy it. Massive amounts of flash powder were in 4 locations on site. The saboteurs first exploded one storage cache. They then waited for the place to be full of fire fighters and EMT's and a half hour later set the other three stockpiles off which blew some of the fire trucks to smithereens, and I mean totally destroyed them worse than any accident would. Obviously if that happened to the trucks they can't even find some of the people.

The place was impeccably run, with full security and extremely well marked buildings, and the incident is being treated as a security issue, not an unsafe manufacturing issue. They are suspecting employees did it because the security was tight enough to keep outsiders out.

This dominated the Mexican news and even got a substantial response from Pena Nieto.

The facility manufactured the explosive shells that go BOOM, not the pretty colorful ones.

Jim Stone