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And now the update to the shooting report by Jim Stone

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They are now covering up Justine's feminist activities by instead labeling her as a "life coach!" Yep, that is exactly what feminists activists do - they "coach" women to a new "life".

Question: If Justine was engaged, how could she be a feminist?

Answer: Virtually all the women at the tip of the Feminist spear know it is a weapon, and don't follow it themselves when outside of the public eye. Most of the most damaging high level people have multiple kids, and a family they won't mention. Their message is ONLY for those they seek to destroy, with the primary target (at this time) being Western civilization.

Justine might have been absolutely great at home. At the tip of the spear, the feminists are as two faced as it gets.

I might as well mention Barbara Spectre here:

And on that note - Barbara Spectre claims Western civilization only dates back 200 years, and is therefore has no heritage to worry about destroying.

My response: The piano is older than that. How about reading glasses, around since the 1400's? What about Shakespeare? And when did Columbus set sail? 1492? how about Galileo? All the ships had a compass back then. I mean, a working MAGNETIC COMPASS. And Barbara knows that. But if the goal is to destroy Western civilization, "White males hate and oppress women," and it all only goes back a short while.

And now the update to the shooting report:

Gee, I am sorry! If the Feminists put the battle lines where you have put them, they ought not be surprised if not everyone out there is a limp wristed beta that's going to cry for them when they take a loss, AND I DOUBT THEY DID ANYWAY, the story stinks!

Anonymous sent:

The things you said about Justine Damond are unforgivable. Filthy lies dredged up from the murky depths of a sick mind. What a vile, scum sucking predator you are, a purveyor of lies and deception. She was so far above you in evolution, you couldn't even comprehend her goodness, so you attacked her after her murder. You are even worse than the piece of shit who killed her

My response: Nothing was dredged up or invented. Everything I stated was documented. If a Somali killed her for a reason the media refuses to state, (obviously there had to be a reason) then it is perfectly OK for people to question that.

Now they are saying he could not see what was going on, was scared, and shot. I don't buy that. I don't buy that, because "complete testimonies" published in different locations said there was a loud noise that scared the officer and others and do not mention a noise. ALL say the police body cams were off, INCLUDING THE CAR CAM all the while they were supposedly responding to a rape and were "worried about a possible ambush". So BOTH cops violated protocol in a claimed way that makes absolutely no sense. if they were headed into a threat, they'd want that recorded yet it is all just a black hole. What is up with that? This whole story stinks. And when a story stinks, you have to dig to find out possible reasons why. "That means looking into the background of who got shot, and the background of who the shooter was."


FACT: She was a professional activist who pushed the feminist/anti gun agenda. She supposedly did yoga for 17 years, but was only in America for a year. That means the 17 years of yoga does not apply. She had no real job other than as an activist. She was deeply rooted in the feminist hierarchy. She was primarily mourned by the feminists who organize activities, including the women's marches. CNN REPORTED THIS. I REPEAT, EVEN CNN REPORTED THIS, but that's not the 1st second, third, fourth, or fifth place I heard it. "CNN comes in dead last."

So that is how it was, and that's the very first clue to why if this story is not entirely fake, a Somali Muslim may have shot her - because if that's the type she was, she probably meddled in Islamic affairs and did damage he felt there had to be revenge for. "What's wrong with saying that, other than that it reduces the amount of sympathy for the situation you seem to want?"

"So now they say the officer was confused and scared." I doubt it, because his partner was stunned that he opened fire. If there was a reason to be scared, his partner would not have been surprised he opened fire. IF THERE WAS A LOUD NOISE AS THEY ARE NOW STATING his partner would not have been surprised he opened fire. "So there is bullshitting going on now." I doubt there was any loud noise. If that be the case, and I am trying to make sense of a nonsense story, then the other rational option is that he recognized her and shot.

Obviously there is a lot of heat on this, and I have not explored whether or not she was Jewish. If so, going against the official story would cause backlash. And I am not backing off on this even if some people are pissed, because I happen to be right on my perspective.

Not saying it the way the MSM said it is not making stuff up. Go over what I said, and tell me where I am wrong. Don't just tell me I made stuff up, because I did not. Even my claim about the Jewish community in Minneapolis being one of the most subversive in North America is accurate, in the United States it is probably #5, and Canada included it is probably #7. This was learned during my experience with the Jewish community. Don't expect an MSM link for that. Minneapolis a real hot spot that can spawn B.S. and set up anything it wants. Seems that may be the case with how irrational the story line is. Point out where I am wrong please, or suck it up.

I WILL REPEAT, and I don't care if it pisses a few people off:

EITHER THIS WAS A COMPLETE FABRICATION (BECAUSE IT MAKES NO SENSE ABSENT MORE INFO SO I AM LEANING TOWARDS TOTAL FABRICATION) OR THE ADDITIONAL INFO IS THAT SHE MEDDLED IN ISLAMIC AFFAIRS AND PISSED A SOMALI OFF. Just because CNN won't report that does not change the obvious. No one simply pulls out a gun and starts shooting without cause. None of the officer stories concerning a possible threat makes sense, because ALL 3 CAMERAS WERE OFF, IN TOTAL VIOLATION OF THE RULES which would not have happened without intent. There was not supposed to be a record of this, and that is why the cameras were off. There is no other answer. So the overwhelming probability is that either it is fake, or revenge. What else is there? Don't count on the MSM to report it!

"This is a story where a key feminist activist, probably #1 in Minnesota, bit the dust."  How come the MSM is backing off on that and instead focusing on how she rescued some ducklings? Feminists have hurt America so much that in a civil war, they have to be a primary target. She was very high level. That is not a fabrication. The biggest reaction came from the feminists who organize the women's march, and that she was deeply intertwined with that, and even her "family" was. CNN reported this. WHERE DID I MAKE ANYTHING UP? ARE YOU TOO STUPID TO FIND THAT?

If you are so into this story to be so passionate, you really ought to know enough about it to know everything I said is 100 percent supported even by the MSM, which is unusual - perhaps they never figured anyone would take what they posted and interpret it the way I did. But to ignore the feminist activist vs Islamic fundamentalist angle of this is to fly completely blind. To ignore the significance of ALL CAMERAS OFF is also to fly completely blind.

Oh but she was "so loving". Just like any abortion doctor. CNN would definitely point out how "loving" a shot abortion doctor was. It is all a matter of propaganda. A matter of "perspective." A pit bull can be VERY loving on it's own turf, all the while the rest of the world needs to WATCH OUT.

Too much is being ignored in this story. I WILL NEVER believe this is a story about an irresponsible over reactive cop. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. it is definitely something else, which means the answer is out there, and it is childish to get angry with people who don't buy the official line and actually look for the real answer unless whoever gets mad had an agenda with this, or is totally wrapped up in, and trusting of the MSM.

OK so I escalated it a notch beyond before. That's what you will get from me with this, because I know I am right, and my lines are drawn.