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Woman Wrongfully Jailed Because of Her Name for 53 days Because Dumb Cops Did Not Do Their Job.

Realman 2000

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Police work is getting more sloppier by the day, When a lady who called the police to report her car stolen was arrested because of the same name for aggravated assault. How can the police be so unthinking, so careless and sloppy? This could have been resolved with simple procedures that she would not spend one minute in the county lock up. So why did they keep her in jail for 53 days? Welcome to the new police state,everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

              There are procedures in place not to jail the wrong person. Suppose a John Smith commit a crime. Should the police arrest all John Smith's based on a person with the same name?  Well the birthday and living address did not match as well as she had an alibi the date of the crime. She did not even fit the physical description either.There is the police lineup were the victim can see if that is the person who committed the act. That was not done either. This is a severe miscarriage of justice I ever seen where the police do not follow up to make sure they had the right person.

              I can understand a mistake and it was corrected in no time if the police would have done a line up and checked out her information to see it did not match. If the Police did their job, she would have been back to her life in no time so she can get her car back that was stolen. Instead she spent 53 days in jail. She will not get back that time lost incarcerated. I hope she sues the pants of the country and the police for such careless disregard. Now I know why black people hate the police because of sloppy disregard for the people when it comes to justice being done. I hope she gets justice and compensated for her lost time behind bars that might have caused her much hardship. I can understand overnight in jail just being sure she is the suspect. But 53 days in jail is over the top. This shows us ,the system is broken and needs to be fixed.