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Police Investigating Funeral Home Burglaries, Embalming Fluid Overdoses

Spencer Lubitz

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CORPUS CHRISTI - It may not be a street drug that you hear about often, but emergency room doctors at Spohn Memorial say over the past couple months they have seen a sharp increase of patients overdosing on embalming fluid.

Just last night police say 3 teenagers were hospitalized after they also inhaled the stuff. Police say the boys were found at a home in the 300 block of Jackson Place in various stages of distress, talking incoherently, and even putting up a fight with paramedics as they tried to administer aid. Officers say they also found marijuana in the home.

In a separate investigation police are also investigating two burglaries at Maxwell P. Dunne Funeral Home on Morgan where formaldehyde was the only thing stolen in both incidents.

"I have been in this industry 32 years and I have never had a problem in the funeral industry. In fact most people treat our establishment and funeral homes in general as a place of reverance," says Ron Alonzo, the owner of the funeral home.

Alonzo fears the burglary was an inside job, considering the thieves got a hold of the embalming fluid very quickly without being caught. A window was smashed and set off an alarm leaving the thieves only two minutes before police arrived. The owner says they bypassed all the electronics in the business and went straight for the formaldehyde before leaving.

If you have any information about these incidents, call Crime Stoppers at 361-888-TIPS.


July 5, 2011