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Greetings Friends!

This is today's issue of the Financial Intelligence Report

Contributing Editors: Bob Rinear,  Robert Foster, Ted, Chuck and the Crew!

Wall Street Lunacy donated by Janet Yellen, and Central Bankers the world over!


Part 1: General Commentary

Part 2: Market Commentary


We are in it


I don't know what this is exactly, but what ever it is, we're in it. I've seen the globalists attack free speech and gun ownership before. But I have not seen anything like the things playing out right now.


The war is on. Google and their vaunted Youtube are in an all out assault against anything Christian, right wing, gun positive, or conservative. Day after day video accounts with tens of thousands of followers are shut down. People who had made a nice living with advertising dollars have been "De-funded' as their videos are banned or removed.


I don't have the time or the energy to go back and dig it up, but I predicted this very thing many years back. I want to say it was around the year 2003, as the Iraq war was taking center stage. Basically what I said was that with the older people watching the 6 major news outlets, and all of them pushing an agenda, and the younger people getting their news and enjoyment out of places like Youtube, one day they're going to shut down the alternative speech there too. Just like they have with main stream media.


Well we're in it. Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are using something called the 'Online Hate Index' created by the Anti-Defamation League. Check this out:


The Online Hate Index (OHI), a joint initiative of ADL's Center for Technology and Society and UC Berkeley's D-Lab, is designed to transform human understanding of hate speech via machine learning into a scalable tool that can be deployed on internet content to discover the scope and spread of online hate speech. Through a constantly-evolving process of machine learning, based on a protocol developed by a team of human coders as to what does and does not constitute hate speech, this tool will uncover and identify trends and patterns in hate speech across different online platforms, allowing us to push for the changes necessary to ensure that online communities are safe and inclusive spaces. We have completed the first phase of the process in making this a reality, and are eager to advance the project. Critically, the tool is able to identify individual instances of hateful and abusive speech, helping solve a problem that has been inadequately addressed through reliance on platform users to report instances of abuse and violations of terms of service agreements.


This is truly terrifying stuff. Youtube has admitted that they hired 10,000 people to police video's and remove anything that they thought was offensive. Well, offensive to whom? You? Me? Them? What parameter do they measure? Who makes the decision as to what's "hate speech?"


Now, when you add together this incredible push for censorship, with the push to abolish gun rights in this Country, I don't know how anyone can say with a straight face that we're not heading for some form of socialist/communist future. China itself declared in Davos Switzerland that they could employ up to a million people to police the internet and help other countries deal with the problem of offensive speech.


People, people with very deep pockets are promoting this. The high level elitists that knew they could control populations with the social media tools of our brainwashed kids. They have money and they have an agenda. Worse, they've figured out how to use the kids to do their dirty work.


Consider the school shooting. Not just the anti-gun rhetoric coming from the left and their outrageous claims. No, consider the "set up" that seems to have been in place. All of it to cause confusions and distractions. But ultimately to sway the public. Somehow in a matter of just days, thousand of kids figured out how to stage massive rallies, bus trips to Tallahasee, and infiltrate every media outlet? The same kids that eat Tide pods set all that up? Give me a break. This is elitist money, elitist agenda.


Consider this Hoog kid. You saw him interviewed time and time again, even on CNN panels. Who is he? Where'd he come from? There's video of him in California harassing a lifeguard. There's video of a high schooler calling Hoog out, saying this guy "isn't even from our High School, he's like 25 and from California, yet I'm supposed to debate him?" That video was removed from You tube. Imagine that. I have access to it.


Wait a minute, what's up with the time line problems here? According to Fox news, the Broward County Sheriff's office says that:


Cruz was picked up by an Uber, before he was dropped off at the high school at 2:19 pm.


This is a 2 minute video of that CNN sponsored kid interviewing a girl who amazingly was "going to buy guns and learn to shoot and hunt, but now can't even imagine having one."

The problem of course is the time. Please watch this, it is only 2 minutes long.

Did you see it? He says it's 9:32 am.


Now, how is that possible? How is this Hoog character interviewing a girl about this "horrific" situation, that just instantly stopped her from even thinking about owning or shooting a gun, FOUR hours before the police said it happened? Time warp? Black hole?


No. Just more agenda. As I said, if you link up the push for censorship against anyone willing to question the facts about politics, or go against the left's agenda concerning what THEY think is right, and hook that up with the sheer amount of impossible things we've witnessed lately, it should shake you to the core.


Remember Las Vegas? Hundreds injured, 58 killed, and so many holes in the official story you could drain spaghetti with it. We hear daily about the Russian collusion, yet our own "trolls" play their games around the world daily, pushing our own version of propaganda. Consider this:


WASHINGTON - As U.S. corporate media outlets and lawmakers continue to work themselves and the U.S. public into a lather over alleged "foreign propaganda," the State Department has launched a new initiative to advance the U.S. government's own disinformation operations in league with its allies in Silicon Valley.


Announced on Monday, the move will see $40 million in Defense Department funds added to the existing $35 million budget of the Global Engagement Center (GEC), more than doubling the amount of money in the counter-propaganda office's war chest.


75 million to push our own "Counter-propaganda" around the world. I guess if the Russians do it, it's bad, but if we do it, it's good?


All I'm saying here is this: Whether it's Trump or guns or "hate speech" or what have you, there's all out wars going on. The globalists have removed all the stops. They're going for it all, and we're smack in the middle of it right now. The deceptions and manipulations have been going on for years, and it's the Internet and good sleuthing that has brought them to light. Well, like cockroaches, all these swamp denizens hate the idea of light being shined on their little games.


Support the NRA. Support the folks that bring you the truth. Support the sites that dissect the agenda's and help you understand what's really going on here. The globalists are going for broke and the time is right now. I'm not playing on emotions here or being grandiose. It's real and it's now. Fight back.


The Market:


It's been one heck of a ride this week in market land. Starting on Tuesday, this market peeled off more than 1,000 DOW points in 3 sessions. We heard it was because of Powell ( the new Fed head) being tougher on interest rates and we heard if was because of Trump and his tariffs on Steel and aluminum. What ever excuse they wanted to use, doesn't matter. We fell like a sack of taters.


It was then Friday and I had my suspicions that they'd circle the wagons and try for a "vee" style bounce at some point. I told my Insiders club members that if I smelled them working up for a big bounce, I'd probably take a small shot at the SPY or the DIA's.


Well, the day opened, and we promptly fell out of bed. The DOW was down and looking lower. Then, after being down 380 points, we started to see them nibbling around the edges. It felt to me that they'd go ahead and try for the big rebound, and they did. While the DOW didn't make it green, the S&P fought off a 30 point drop and ended the day positive by 13.


I'd love to tell you I snagged the morning dip at 264 on the SPY and ran it all the way up. I can't tell you that, it didn't happen. But I did snag some later in the day and I ended the session with a buck and change in profits.


But here's the question. Have we now put in a real test of the February lows and it's off to the races? Frankly I don't think we got close enough to those lows, not yet. It is true that often on "retests" of a drop out like we had in early February, the test doesn't make it quite as deep as the actual low, but the S&P still had over 60 points to drop to actually get near the low. Did we get close enough?


I'm not convinced yet. As long as we're trapped between the 50 day moving averages above us, and the February lows below us, we're in no mans land. We could chop, pop, drop, puke, fly, etc. I tend to think we'll see a bit more upside but there's going to be a lot of overhead resistance soon.


I continue to think that this is a traders market, and if you're not nimble and can move quick, the churn might eat you up. Be careful out there folks!


NOTE Many have written us to say thanks for these free letters and have asked if there's any way to support the effort. I sincerely appreciate that. I have actually created a "donate" button where you could toss us a few bucks if you'd like. It does cost a small fortune to produce the free letter and every little bit does help. Thank you!


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