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Americans Are In Disbelief That They Could Now Face Jail For Failing To…

Christopher Cummings Posted on August 29, 2017

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FW-- 9-7-17

The first thing that the Left does to destroy basic freedoms is this: attack language. If you control the way that people talk, you control what they think…and then the rest is only a matter of time.

Mind you, I’m not talking about attacking Free Speech. That’s a second-rate strategy anyway – after all, the whole point of the liberal agenda is controlling people’s thoughts. If you’re attacking Free Speech, you’re already too late – someone’s had an original thought.

But if you can train people to speak and act the ‘right’ way before they have those original thoughts? Well, you’re golden.

In related news, California has now made it a crime to call someone a ‘him’ or ‘her’ if that person has said that He or She wants to be called a ‘her’ or ‘him.’

You follow all that? Basically, if you don’t use someone’s chosen pronoun, you might well be a criminal. Not making this up.

The Conservative Tribune reports:

California [has nearly passed] an absurd bill that would make it a crime for a health care worker to refer to someone with the “wrong” pronoun.

You’ll understand in a second why I placed “wrong” in quotes.

Dubbed SB 219 and passed three months ago, the inane bill would impose a potential punishment of a year in jail and a $1,000 fine on any health care worker convicted of “willfully and repeatedly” refusing to use a transgender “resident’s preferred name or pronouns after being clearly informed of the preferred name or pronouns.”