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Of Course it's the Guns. It's Always the Guns

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June 19, 2015


The fact is that 1.6 million crimes are stopped every year by Americans with legally owned firearms. I know, because when I still lived in Los Angeles, I halted a burglary of my home with a firearm. But the media doesn't report citizens who stop crime because blood and bodies make for better ratings, and the police are not interested in citizens able to protect themselves because then it underscores how useless the police actually are for anything other than writing tickets and stealing cash from innocent Americans (when they are not beating them up, tasering them, or shooting their dogs).

Ever wonder why the Shootout at the OK Corral is so famous? Because it was an unusual event. In the west, everyone wore guns, and for the most part, lived far safer lives than the citizens of the eastern industrialized cities of the same era. The image of the "wild" west in the dime novels was actually bought-and-paid-for propaganda by the owners of the eastern factories desperate to keep their workers from deserting the factory floor and seeking better lives out west.

The statistics tell the same story the world over. When law abiding citizens are disarmed, crime goes up.

In the case of the church shooting, there is an aspect the corporate media is refusing to mention, and that is that Dylann Roof, like all the other mass-shooters wagged at us by the gun-grabbers, taking prescription psychiatric medications. Two have been identified as Xanax and Suboxone, both of which has documented histories of triggering violent and erratic behavior. But the corporate media doesn't want to lose ad revenues from the big pharmaceutical corporations (America is only one of three industrialized nations that allow TV advertising of prescription medications) nor do members of Congress want to risk losing those fat campaign donations checks, so it's easier and more "politically correct" to blame the guns for chemically induced psychotic behavior! Congress actually held hearings into the link between SSRIs and violence, but declined to do anything about the problem.

I am not surprised that this articles does not have a comments section! ~ Mike Rivero