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Gun Grabbers Are Idiots; Pay Them No Mind


By Anna Von Reitz

February 22nd 2018


I'm sorry, but it's true. These people have no grasp on real life at all, and if they did, they would already be down at the gun shop, signing up for gun safety courses, buying their own guns, buying ammo, and preparing to protect themselves, their families, their children, and their neighbors.


They would be attending School Board and City Council Meetings and banging their fists and demanding funding for Security Guard contingents in every school in America.


But instead they want to take our guns away from us, and "infringe" upon our rights to protect ourselves and our families.


I personally think that every Democrat and Progressive and Communist in America who wants to give up their guns should be allowed to do so. And they should be made to pay a hefty tax for leaving the responsibility for their own protection up to our police and to their more intelligent neighbors.


Think about just HOW stupid these people really are and where the logic of what they are saying goes.....


Let's outlaw chain saws. Why not? They have been used to commit murders. Plenty of them. Also nail guns, flame throwers, gas cans, kitchen knives, shovels, coffee creamer, straws, Coke bottles-- no, stop, ALL glass bottles have to be outlawed, because criminals have used them to cause mass death in bar brawls for over two hundred years.


The realistic solution to school shootings is to: (1) give them NO publicity and (2) put retired military and police to work guarding our schools. Period. End of story. A few hundred thousand added to most school budgets is peanuts to pay to protect our kids and put an end to this fad.


This is not about gun control It's about people control--- and until we can guarantee 100% sanity in every community across America, the only way we can keep our children safe at school is by guarding them.

Ever notice that these shootings NEVER take place in locations where there are armed security guards? Never.


And why is that? Because the vermin would be dead before they lit the place up. That's why. It's that simple. They know enough to stay away from places that have armed security guards. They may be crazy, but not that crazy.


Come on, folks. We learned this lesson a long time ago, back in the Wild West.


You arm everyone. Teach everyone how to shoot. Give everyone a handgun and a rifle. Just like they do in Switzerland. And then if anyone starts shooting up your town or your school, you pull out your iron and plug the Crazy Coot in the head or wherever else you can hit him. You come at him from all sides and you make a pin-cushion out of him.


And if he survives, you bring him to trial and the jury hears the evidence, and they declare him guilty, and the judge declares that he shall be hung by the neck until dead in the public square next Monday afternoon at two o'clock. Bring your picnic baskets.


And your shooting irons. Please.


Well, anna should do a little more research to find that the police don't protect ANYONE but the corporations that they are employed by!!! You can find the US Supreme Court case(s) that stated such. Which means that they only have a duty to protect city/county/state/federal property and persons!!! Everyone one else, the "common man" is on their own and they are responsible to protect THEMSELVES!!! And if you think this FAKE florida shooting, see for an ex-NSA coverage of this fake news, is going to be used to get our guns, you ain't seen the real killings yet!!! Saul Alinsky, of the Chosenite Club-Rules For Radicals author-states that when "they" get control, "they" will have to ELIMINATE (that means MURDER-for the Bolshevik uneducated MASSES) 25-27 MILLION people in the good ole USSA in order to install the type of gov't that "they" want!!! And remember, it doesn't matter how one twists history, and this site is fantastic at it, "bolshevism" is the SAME as "jews" as they were the ONES doing the mass killings of Christian Russians during their "revolution"!!! Yes, they made sure a few "token Russians" were involved but the mass of the killing squads were 97-100% Chosenite!!! And to prove my point, what ethnicity was Saul Alinsky!!!??? Check out and see for yourself that ALL of this shooting was FAKE, just like Sandy Hook!!!