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JUDGE ANNA VON REITZ: To Major General Kenneth A. Nava and Donald J. Trump


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To Major General Kenneth A. Nava and Donald J. Trump


By Anna Von Reitz

December 31st 2017



President Donald J. Trump

c/o The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500


Major General Kenneth A. Nava, Adjutant General

District Commander

New Mexico National Guard/Dept. of Military Affairs

10 Bataan Boulevard

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508-4695



We have a problem here in Otero County, New Mexico. Local police have detained and charged a man named Steven Duane Curry, age 64, a native of Colorado, with forty felony counts addressed to Stephen Duane Curry, age 58, a native of New Mexico, and the idiot local authorities--- all steamed up thinking that they made a Big Arrest--- won't admit their mistake.


Steven Curry, an innocent by-stander who is under the protection of the Federal Whistle-blower codes, was arrested by these lunk heads September 17. He was unarmed and offered no resistance while six deputies beat him unconscious. They have left him, a civilian non-combatant, without needed medical care and assistance for three months.


Steven Curry corrected his political status records in 2014, retiring from any obligation as a "federal citizen" and returned to his birthright status. Your office, General Nava, is responsible for maintaining accurate records and more generally speaking, the District Commander is responsible for supervising the courts and their deputies.


This is a clear-cut case of mistaken identity and false arrest and brutal mistreatment of a civilian. The Public Defender was notified of these facts and also given Notice of Liability.

There is one other odd twist--- both Steven Curry and Stephen Curry are Federal Whistle-blowers and should be under federal protection.


Steven Curry is a Junior Woodchuck geologist who blew the whistle on a scam in Colorado wherein common rocks were being sold as meteorites.


Stephen Curry has blown the whistle on 911 and on Uranium One, and is active in several major exposes of criminal activity.


Steven Curry is rotting in the Otero County Detention Center, when he should be fully protected as a civilian and as a Federal Whistle-blower in favor of the Federal Government.

Stephen Curry has also brought forward information vital to the National Security.


NEITHER of these men deserve the mistreatment that Steven Curry has suffered at the hands of the local New Mexican police.


I am asking your office to get on the stick and straighten this mess out.


Anna Maria Riezinger

(907) 250-5087