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Dear Mr. Bundy..... Answering Your Call for Help


By Anna Von Reitz

June 30th 2018



Dear Mr. Bundy.....  Answering Your Call for Help


I just read your call out for help with the Todd Engle and Greg Burleson  cases and the falsification of evidence and criminal misconduct of the prosecutors that occurred.


The fastest way out is to appeal directly to President Trump for a pardon. These men should never have been arrested.  They are not federal employees nor are they actually federal dependents; they have not knowingly or willingly "volunteered" to act as federal citizens.  Mr. Trump now knows the essence of the problem and should not have much to say about it, except to grant relief.


The only unfortunate thing is that a "pardon" implies guilt being forgiven, when in fact it is the runaway federal government that needs the forgiveness in this case.


The falsification of evidence and other misconduct during the trial is indeed important, but that is secondary and is in fact a result of far earlier and more pernicious acts of falsification.


Birth Certificates have been issued "in the name of" TODD ENGLE and GREG BURLESON --- a falsification of their actual political status designed to steal the assets of the living men, and kidnap and traffick them into foreign legal  jurisdictions, making them subject to "private international law" ---- also known as Municipal Law.


This is only made possible by "compulsory" acts of fraud and Breach of Trust against the living Americans that take place soon after you are born.    


When you are born, your parents give you a name --- hence, it is called a "Given Name" or a "Trade Name".  This should be thought of as a piece of property or a tool that you are being given to operate in this world.  It's yours and you own it. 


What should happen next is that your parents should record your claim to your Trade Name at the Public Land Recorder's Office, but nobody told them to do this, and what happens instead is that the Doctor at the hospital, who has been conscripted as a "Uniformed Officer" under Title 37 of Federal (Territorial) United States Code, is obligated to seize upon and "register" your Trade Name. 


Notice that these are two different processes --- recording versus registration--- and they take place in two different jurisdictions of the law.  Recording takes place on the land jurisdiction, while registration takes place in the jurisdiction of the sea.


Assuming that Todd and Greg are two average Americans who were born to American parents on the land of an American State of the Union, their names are not subject to registration and should never have been registered---but they were.


And now we are dealing with the aftermath of that "mistake" and all that follows from that falsified record. 


Because your Trade Name was never officially recorded, it is "missing" and all that remains is the registration --- which makes it possible for the Territorial United States (think Puerto Rico, Guam, State of Nevada) and the Municipal United States (think DC, STATE OF NEVADA, et alia) to claim that they are the beneficiaries of your name and estate (Territorial) or administrators of your estate (Municipal) --- and to abuse you and rob you blind.


Todd and Greg are probably not [Territorial] United States Citizens (like people from Puerto Rico) and they most likely never knowingly agreed to enfranchise themselves as [Municipal] United States Corporations, either ---- but they have stumbled into various entrapment-for-profit schemes and have innocently allowed the foreign governmental services corporations operating on our shores to impersonate them as Municipal corporations doing business as  TODD ENGLE and GREG BURLESON and to misidentify them as [Territorial] United States Citizens --- which denies them all their constitutional protections and makes them subject to private statutory and municipal law.


Now please reference Amendment 14 of the [Territorial ] United States Constitution published in 1868 as "The Constitution of the United States of America" and see that the "citizens" being referenced are held as chattel for debt, that they are "guilty by definition" and that they have no rights and cannot even question the public debt. 


This is what has happened to your friends, and what almost happened to you, except that a Whistleblower saved your rumps and the judge in your case had a conscience (and maybe a whiff of the reeking liability) in the end. 


Todd and Greg have been presumed guilty from the start, and the rest of the proceedings have been nothing but a private debt collection procedure masquerading as a judicial process.  All that was really being discussed was how much money the prosecutors could extract from the "Public Trusts" named after Todd and Greg, and how long they would have to spend in jail.  The more charges the prosecutors could rack up, the more money made for them and for the court, so they weren't shy about piling up the BS against "TODD" and "GREG".


Please note that "TODD" and "GREG" are merely public corporations, and there is no law against lying about, raping, pillaging, even murdering (called liquidation) incorporated entities.  So in their own twisted minds, and despite the very real consequences for living people, the Prosecutors think they aren't doing anything wrong by falsifying evidence.  They think that their only job and responsibility is collecting as much as they can from these accounts and doing it any way that they can is all right. 


It's time to convince them otherwise, and to close these ACCOUNTS and return the proceeds, the rights, titles, and interest owed back to the people and states these assets actually belong to.  Also time to bust open the prison doors and let an estimated three-quarters of all federal and federated "State of State" prisoners go.


Please see the attached Diagram of the Fraud:


 In the center of the diagram you will see the "missing" Trade Name which was never recorded, and attached to that, you will see the three "derivative" ACCOUNT NAMES that were established as a result of the false registration process.  By looking at the way their names are presented on the court documents you can tell whether your friends are being prosecuted as Territorial or Municipal "Citizens"  and whether they are being prosecuted as Intestate ESTATES, bankrupt PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITIES, or PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUSTS.


In other words, they and their assets are being "legally" subjected to pillaging and plundering --- but it's up to them (and to you) to see this and object to it.  Otherwise the court can presume on the basis of the falsified birth records that you agreed to all this and willingly subjected yourselves to their whims in "exchange" for paying Federal Income Taxes (that you don't naturally owe) and paying for "Social Security Taxes" (paying for a program that you were never actually obligated to participate in and aren't naturally eligible for) and other such purported "benefits" and "services" --- such as being commandeered by your employees and incarcerated (as your friends are right now) for their profit. 


They charge us royally for the cost of incarcerating us, which has been turned into a Prisons for Profit scheme.  They also force us to function as their bank, and then rob us. 


This is all part of an ancient and evil European system of feudal subjugation known as "pledging" and no American is naturally subject to it, but by fraud and devious means of entrapment, disinformation, and force --- the perpetrators have succeeded in getting their claws in.


Now, as you have discovered, it is a matter of getting their claws out. 


Part and parcel to their fraud scheme is the "presumption" that you are knowingly and willingly participating in their "System" and that you are operating in a public capacity ----that is, as a Territorial or Municipal United States employee ----an ESTATE trust manager, as an operator of a PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITY, or as the caretaker of a PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST -- or as a Territorial or Municipal United States dependent ---- political asylum seeker, mental incompetent, minor, ward of the state, etc.


And it is all bogus and it is all lies, and you can now begin to see why all the lies and misconduct of the prosecutors is indeed secondary to the lies and misconduct that has already occurred.


I would bring claim "in their names" before the State of Nevada (Territorial State of State) Supreme Court and demand that they show cause for their operations in Breach of Trust against Todd and Greg and for their failure to correct the records and would sue for release of your friends for lack of Territorial or Municipal jurisdiction over them --- which can be cause of action  at any time, up to and including after sentencing.


If the State of Nevada Supreme Court won't deal with their own Bad Faith and make correction and release your friends, sue the Territorial United States Supreme Court for correction and release for lack of jurisdiction. 


They are treating men as THINGS and deliberately falsifying evidence to excuse their predatory malfeasance, racketeering against the public trusts they have created via deceit and fraud, and committing inland piracy against the American states and people every time they do this.


It's time to kick their British and French-backed rumps all the way back across the pond. 


Our group, The Living Law Firm, has conducted much of the research related to these discoveries, and we are part of a larger network of researchers and law scholars dedicated to putting an end to this madness.  If you and your supporters would join with the rest of us, we can make quicker work of it.


We have also dug out the historical roots of the problem and have begun the necessary action to restore the States and the lawful government we are owed and to reclaim our assets and our natural political status and all else that we are owed by these vermin. Please see:  


The United States of America (Unincorporated) has called for all the States to assemble, and as of yesterday, all fifty have begun that lawful (not legal-- "lawful") process.   


For additional information, please go to my website: and read the recent testimony forwarded to the military commanders at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson near Anchorage, Alaska, entitled "Fifty Shades of Black and White".