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Reply to Sun-Tzu's "Von Reitz's Cock Block Road Block" - Poppycock


By Anna Von Reitz

February 21st 2019

Jeff Dougherty of Portland, Oregon, also known as Sun-Tzu ---- a man with no training at all in any of this, claims that there is an entity called "the united states of America" and that this is the "de jour" government of this country. 


Folks, over the past forty years I have read probably five million pages of government gobbledygook and only God knows how many historical documents and books --- and I have NEVER run across any reference to any entity styling itself as "the united states of America".   It doesn't exist.  It never has.  And I challenge Dougherty and his pals to come up with even one (1) credible historical document that shows the use of "the united states of America" to stand for this country or its government.


The United States of America is the name of this country for international purposes and it is not the same as something calling itself "the united states of America."  


They are blowing steam and a lot of it


Our American Government is vested in the living people of this country.  Not in commercial corporations.


And I have already shown everyone how it works:


The people give rise to the state republics that govern the national soil jurisdiction of this country and together the state republics form a Union of states called The United States.  This is an unincorporated Union of states and a completely different entity from any commercial corporation calling itself "the" United States, Inc.


Notice the details.  "The United States" is not the same as "the" United States, Inc.  Use your eyes.


At the next level up, the people of the state republics agree to act as State Jurors, which gives rise to the People of each State, who then "assemble" their State General Assembly, State Jural Assembly, and elect their State Officials to conduct their business.  The State represents the international  jurisdiction of each State of the Union.  These States then formed their own "union" --- The United States of America, which is also unincorporated.


Again, notice the details:  "The United States of America" is not the same as "The United States of America, Inc."


As long as there are people occupying the land and soil jurisdiction of this country and claiming their birthright political status, our lawful American Government does not cease to exist or function.  It has been severely depopulated by efforts to overcome us by guile and disinformation over the years, but it still exists ---- and as I defiantly told members of the UN Security Council, as long as one American claims their birthright political status, our government is still standing by definition. 


That's how our Forefathers set it up.  So that even if 350 million people become absolutely stupid and reduced to running around like chickens in a barnyard, as long as there is one American left, our country is preserved.


Those of us who claim our State Citizenship are owed every tittle and jot of the Constitutions and the Treaties, because we are the progeny of the "People" then and we constitute the "People" now.  Simple as that.


So all these clueless claims and assumptions about the status of our actual government---- and which Sun-Tzu and friends are peddling as truth --is in fact poppycock. 


The de facto Territorial and Municipal Branches of the Federal Government have jobs to do and we can limit their overreaching just so long as we do ours.


Sun-Tzu and Friends are also very mistaken about the effects of the "expatriation" I am talking about and spreading disinformation about that, too. 


There are some fools who go to U.S. Embassies and renounce "United States Citizenship" without stipulating which "United States" they expatriating from.


You don't expatriate from your native and natural estate as a man or woman of the soil of this country represented by the union of states called The United States, do you?   No.  You don't expatriate from your State of the Union, do you?  No.


You expatriate from Territorial United States Citizenship and Municipal United States Citizenship. 


Read the words on the paper.  


Don't make stupid assumptions of your own and then go blaming me for it.


Every month or two, I get a desperate letter or phone call from someone who rushed down to the nearest Embassy and expatriated the wrong way with the wrong words and now find themselves trapped in a foreign hell hole unable to come home. 


I lead them through the steps to issue their own Passport as an American State Citizen and that's how they get home.


There are three unions of states that make up the actual American Government and they are all states that literally belong to you.  Read it.  Understand it.  Remember it.  Tattoo it on your backsides, if necessary:


The United States = state republics = people = (e)states = soil jurisdiction = national jurisdiction. 


The United States of America = States = People = international jurisdiction of land and sea.


States of America = Federal States of States also called Confederate States because they operated under The Articles of Confederation = commercial corporations chartered by the States doing business as, for example, The State of Georgia, The State of Alabama, etc. designed to do work for our States in the global jurisdiction of the air --- commerce.  These are the "States" that are missing.


And that we need to reconstruct.


(1) You are in control of your destiny and the destiny of your country; and (2) You earn your rights by accepting your duty to serve your actual American Government and failing that, you have no rights; (3) You haven't been taught this in public school so you have to listen up and learn fast, because my generation is passing--- and then its all up to you.


God help us!


Armchair pundits and "Patriots" without real knowledge are almost as bad as Undeclared Federal Agents, and maybe worse. 


If you want to help, get off your duffs and read and think and act like full grown men. 


If a little old lady can use her real name --- all of it, all versions of it --- and take responsibility for her words, so can you.  If a little old lady can learn this stuff, so can you.  If a Great-Grandma can stand off the Feds and reclaim her country, so can you! 


So stop spreading a bunch of confusion and rot, and knuckle down and do what needs doing.  Get yourself disentangled from these European con artists.  Get your State Assemblies up and running. Mind your own store.  And learn how to be responsible, straight forward, honest men again.