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JUDGE ANNA VON REITZ: Oldie But Goodie -- Zip Code Double-Dealing


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Oldie But Goodie -- Zip Code Double-Dealing

By Anna Von Reitz

October 2nd 2017

Thank you, Andrew, for sharing this oldie but goodie with me.  I had seen it and read it and enjoyed it years ago, but lost track of it in the intervening melee and it was a real pleasure to see again, because it explains the whole basic fraud scheme and situation so simply, logically, and plainly. 


I am just going to add that the alternative to claiming duress is to use the alternative "address in care of". 


Instead of sending the mail directly to you, the sender sends it to you "in care of" your address, which is a separate entity. 


This "address" that has been "given" to you, is another federal corporation plot to wring money out of and assert power over you, but by sending mail "in care of" their address and to your attention neatly pits one plot against another.  Your mail doesn't get delayed, but you stay clean and out of the federal picture. 


[I have pointed out before that they never actually foreclose against your physical property, but against a copyrighted (theirs) property description, such as Lot 15, Block A, Lemon Lane Subdivision, or 4567 Merry Street. 


So if you own your property outright and enter a new metes and bounds description and change the address to something of your own choosing and under your own copyright, they are right and truly two-blocked.  For the purposes of mail, getting a Post Office Box serves the same purpose.  They own the box and they are welcome to it, but so long as you are a box holder and the mail is sent "in care of" the box, they have no claim against you and no proof that you ever consented to live in their copyrighted zip code "area".]


Here you go, Andrew--- proud to share this one from another wonderful, observant, sharp-as-a-tack American--- I give you all a wonderful lesson on freedom and government corruption by John E. Trumane:


                                            c/o general delivery

                                           San Rafael, California

                                            Postal Zone 94901/tdc


                                                  August 16, 1982

Counter Clerk

Mill Valley Post Office

751 E. Blithedale

Mill Valley, California Republic

Postal Zone 94941-9998/tdc


Dear Counter Clerk:


     Thank you for your interest in our research.  Yesterday, you may recall  that you  asked me about my use of the letters "/tdc" after ZIP  codes.   I am  sorry that the Post Office was too busy for us to discuss it on the spot.  I want you to know that I have noticed the  cheerful efficiency  with which you serve the public at your  counter, and  do so with remarkable consistency.  So, it is with  great pleasure that I am now able to return the favor of your kindness and consideration.


     The problem  which I  am about  to describe  to you  has its roots in  old Europe,  where many generations of banking families made a  lucrative discovery centuries ago.  They found that banks could profit  more by  loaning huge  sums to governments, than by making lots  of small  loans to  individuals  like  you  and  me. Governments, of  course, are  in a unique position to borrow huge sums, and  they have  the police  power to extract repayment from their people.


     In 1913,  our Congress  got in  bed with these same European banking families  and passed  legislation which created a private credit monopoly known as the Federal Reserve System.  This system is no  more federal  than Federal Express.  Moreover, there is no "Reserve".   These banks  are privileged to loan money which they don't have,  through a  special privilege  known  as  "fractional reserve  banking".    What  really  happened  was  that  Congress extended to this monopoly the privilege of counterfeiting money.


     Congress benefits  from this monopoly by borrowing huge sums from it  every year.  You see, for decades now, Congress has been spending much  more money  than it  collects from  taxation.   It "balances" the  budget every  year by  putting ink  on pieces  of paper and calling them bonds.  These bonds are usually put up for sale in  the open  bond market.   But  the federal  deficits have become so  huge, there are not enough working people like you and me to  buy up  all of these bonds every year.  So, Congress walks

across the  street to  the Federal  Reserve, which buys them from Congress by  printing ink  on pieces  of paper  and calling  them "Federal Reserve Notes".  Take a look in your wallet now, and you will see  an example  of a  Federal Reserve Note (or "FRN").  The New York  banking establishment  refers to these bills as Federal

Reserve Accounting Unit Devices (F-R-A-U-D).


     It is  bad enough that this private credit monopoly has been given the  privilege to  "counterfeit"  money.    (They  call  it "credit creation via bookkeeping entries".)  What makes the whole scam so  intolerable is  that the  American people get stuck with the interest payments.  Congress was forced, in effect, to "lien"on the  land and  labor of  all Americans as collateral for these huge bank loans.  Enter the Internal Revenue Service.  The IRS is really just  a collection  agency for  the Federal Reserve banks. The FED  pumps money  and credit  into the  economy, and  the IRS sucks it  out of  the economy, like two pumps, working in tandem. If we had only one pump injecting money into the economy, without

a balancing  pump to remove it from the economy, the value of our dollar would  diminish rapidly  as inflation  climbed like  a sky rocket into  the stratosphere.   This  happened in  Germany  just prior to World War II, so the bankers learned an important lesson from that grotesque experiment in hyper-inflation.


     What does  all this  have to  do with  ZIP codes,  you  ask? Well, under  American Law  never repealed, Congress does not have authority to  obtain controlling  interest in all Americans, such that it  can compel  our specific  performance to  discharge  any third-party  debt   or  obligation.     Imagine  walking  into  a department store to buy a new toaster, and having the store clerk send the  bill to  Willie  Brown.    In  this  example,  you  are Congress;   the store  is the  Federal Reserve;  and Willie Brown represents the  American people (some of the time).  Willie Brown gets stuck  with a transaction to which he was never a party.  In fact, he didn't even know about it!


     Congress needs to deceive Americans into believing that they are all "subjects" of the "United States".  If you are subject to the  jurisdiction  of  the  "United  States",  then  you  can  be compelled to  pay taxes  which are used to discharge the interest payable on the huge principal deficit which Congress has amassed. But, here's  the rub.  The Supreme Court in 1945 defined the term "United States"  to have  three separate  and distinct  meanings. These meanings are:



     (1)  the  name   of  our  sovereign  nation,  occupying  the position of other sovereigns in the family of nations


     (2)  the federal  government and  the limited territory over which it exercises exclusive sovereign authority


     (3)  the collective  name for the States which are united by and under  the Constitution  for the  United States  of America



     The  second   of  these   three  definitions   is  the  most interesting.   It includes  such areas of land as the District of Columbia, Puerto  Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa, but it  does NOT  include  the  50  States  of  the  Union,  like California, and  Florida, and New York.  Now, if you were born in one of  the 50  States of the Union, you were born outside of the area defined  by the second definition of "United States" and you are, therefore,  born a  free Sovereign.  A Sovereign  is  the opposite of a subject.  If you were born a Sovereign, there is no way you  can be  "subject" to  the jurisdiction  of  the  "United States" (unless  you volunteer),  particularly when  the  "United

States" in  this context  means only  the very  limited territory over which  Congress exercises its exclusive authority.  Congress does not  exercise exclusive  authority over any of the 50 States of the  Union.   That's the  American Law  which has  never  been repealed.   Unfortunately, the  Supreme Court's definition of the three "United  States" was  written in  1945, at  the peak of the first nuclear  war on  this planet.   People  had other things on their minds!


     One of  the ways  in which  Congress deceives  all Americans into  thinking   they  are   its   "subjects"  is to   utilize jurisdictional traps  like the  ZIP code.   In  the DMM, you will find that  ZIP codes  are actually optional (see DMM 122.32).  If we utilize  this optional  "benefit" which  Congress is providing for  us,   we  are  presumed  to  be  volunteering  ourselves as "subjects" of  Congress.  That may sound pretty stupid, at first glance, but  it gets worse.  Federal judges are now under so much pressure to  keep the  money flowing  into the  banks, they  have developed a  technique called "silent judicial notice".  That's a fancy way  of saying  they don't  have to  tell you that you made

yourself a  subject of  Congress by  using ZIP  codes. And  the government is always fond of telling people that ignorance of the law is no excuse.  But, of course, this is fraud and it's just as illegal for  the government  to do  it as  it is  to  counterfeit money.


     Now, we  finally arrive  at "/tdc".  You cannot be compelled to honor  or perform under any contract if you were under Threat, Duress, or  Coercion ("tdc") when you entered the contract.  It's like extortion:   you  aren't really  "cooperating" when  someone extorts your cooperation.  Actually, a criminal commits a serious crime  against   your  person  to  extort  your  cooperation  for anything.


     The ZIP  code is  like extortion, on a small but real scale. Postal clerks tell us our mail will move a lot slower if we don't use ZIP codes, and they are probably right.  You would know!  But we have to pay the same amount for first class, whether or not we use a  ZIP code,  and remember  that ZIP  codes  are  defined  as optional in  the DMM.   So, if we use ZIP codes, our mail moves a lot faster,  but the  federal government  is thereby  entitled to treat us  as subjects  and force us to pay interest on their huge federal deficit.   If we don't use ZIP codes, our mail moves much slower (the "duress"), we still have to pay the full postage due, but at  least we  avoid becoming  "subjects" of  Congress.  Being free of Congress is our right as Americans, even when Congress is nowhere nearly  as corrupt  as it is now.  In fact, I think it is fair to  say that  in the  200+ years  of our  brief history as a

nation, this  is probably  the most corrupt Congress we have ever had in America.


     The way  around this  dilemma is  to  use  ZIP  codes  under threat,  duress,  and  coercion.    Specifically,  we  are  being threatened with  subjugation (slavery?) to Congress for utilizing a neat  sorting scheme which expedites the delivery of everyone's mail.  This threat also means that we did not enter the "ZIP code contract" voluntarily,  because we  had to  pay the  full postage regardless of  whether we used the ZIP code or not.  But at least we retain  our right  to avoid  becoming a  slave to  the Federal Reserve banks.


     The whole  situation would  be different  if  there  were  a different rate  for mail  addressed without ZIP codes, and if the federal government  would fully  disclose the jurisdictional trap which it  has created  with ZIP  codes.  The federal government's failure to  disclose fully  all the terms and conditions attached to its  contracts means  that the federal government is guilty of fraud, pure  and simple.   And  fraud  nullifies,  or  "vitiates" everything it touches, all the way back to the beginning, even if that's your  original birth  certificate, or  your original  SS-5 Social Security  application (not  the SSN  or SS  card, but  the application for  an SSN).   Recall  now that the New York banking

establishment refers  to our  money as Federal Reserve Accounting Unit Devices (F-R-A-U-D).


     For  your  information,  I  have  enclosed  some  additional information on  this problem.   Please  feel free  to share these materials with  anyone you  choose.   Our research  is  open  and available to the public, because we have nothing to hide.  We are passionate and  dedicated to  restoring Constitutional government to America,  whereby  the  rights  of  individuals  are  supreme. Governments at  all levels should be our public servants, because we are  the public and they are the servants.  They should not be permitted to  utilize threat,  duress, and coercion to extort our cooperation with  their fraudulent  debt schemes.   It is just as illegal for them to do it as it is for you and I to do it!


     Thanks so  much for  your interest  and for  keeping an open mind at this most difficult time in our nation's history.


Sincerely yours,


/s/ John E. Trumane


Account for Better Citizenship



                             #  #  #



                                             c/o general delivery

                                           San Rafael, California

                                            Postal Zone 94901/tdc