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aUG. 22, 2016Yes, I have been quiet this week.  And yes, there is a reason.

I have been holed up all week with a small group of researchers following breakthrough information discovered last week scattered throughout the Foreign Affairs Manuel. The results will take several days to explain.

Look at these two groups of words "United States of America" and "united States of America" --- look close.

In the first group, you have a proper name in Upper and Lower Case, something called "United States of America".  This name implies that the "United States" belongs to something called "America".  In the second group, you have the word "united" being used as an adjective to describe something called "States of America".   Same four words, totally different meanings and entities involved.

The "United States" belongs to America as a possession (territorial), but the "States of America" are united.

This is the kind of word-play that occurs throughout all federal documents. There is a reason that it is called "Federal Code"----it is literally encoded so that normal people read it but don't grasp its meaning.

Now look at these words:  "United States Citizen" and "citizen of the United States".

One is, again, a proper name describing a Person from the United States (origin) who has agreed to be considered a "Citizen"  in the same way that the word "Frenchman" describes a French man.  The second group of words implies that the "citizen" belongs to the "United States" in the sense of ownership or possession.

If you do "reside" in the United States (District of Columbia and 57 incorporated "States of States" that exist only on paper as corporations or franchises of corporations) and you have agreed to act as a "Citizen" then you are indeed a "United States Citizen".   This implies that you are a government employee or government dependent of some kind, obligated to serve the government corporation(s) and more broadly, that you are a British Subject, a foreigner living here among us to provide governmental services---military or civilian.

This is because--- although we are never taught this in school--- there were two populations left on this continent at the end of the Revolutionary War: "free, sovereign, and independent people" and "inhabitants" --- British subjects left here to provide governmental services.  You have to be one or the other, and they are different from each other as Ireland is different from Spain.

By now you can figure out how you have (mostly likely, unless you really are a government employee or dependent) been mischaracterized and why and by whom.

Understandably, employees have to do whatever their bosses order them to do, so as a "United States Citizen" you are at the beck and call of Congress and its whims and every political administration that comes or goes.  You get to participate in popularity polls every few years to select new slave masters, but you have no constitutional guarantees and instead of Natural and Unalienable Rights, you have "equal Civil Rights" which are not really rights, but "privileges" that may be taken away at any time.

Sound familiar?

And then, there are the "citizens of the United States"---- corporate franchisees, who aren't really government employees, but who have "voluntarily" agreed to serve the government by allowing the government to claim ownership of them and their material assets and have subjected themselves----their labor and their private property--- as chattel backing government debt.

When the 14th Amendment to the corporate "constitution" was passed, the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation operating as the "United States of America" seized the title to all the African Americans who were supposedly set free by Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation.  Private slave ownership was abolished and public slave ownership began in the same breath.

Over time, the Masters of Deceit running the American Bar Association and the endlessly gluttonous politicians have contrived to reduce everyone who isn't a government employee to this second status as a "citizen of the United States".

Which one are you?  Most likely--- neither.

Most likely you aren't actually a government employee ---civilian or military--- and aren't actually voluntarily subjecting yourself to serve the government as chattel property, either.

You've simply been lied about and mischaracterized and defrauded by self-interested criminals in suits.

So, except for all the government employees reading this--- which includes federal, federated state, and federated county employees and military service members --- you are not a "United States Citizen" and you are not likely to "voluntarily" embrace being a "citizen of the United States" either----so what are you?  Really?

The old Federal Code has you defined at 8 USC 1101 (a) (21).  You are a national having a permanent allegiance to a state--- the actual nation/state you were born in.  You are a Floridian, Texan, New Yorker, Wisconsinite..... and so on.  You are a non-citizen American State National.

In their eagerness to claim that you are chattel property, abandoned property, any kind of property belonging to them,  they've even tried to confuse this simple fact.

They have a category of "non-citizen" called an "American National"--- but that only applies to Samoans and people from Swain's Island.

Note the word-play again:  "American National" in Federal-speak equals an American Samoan or Swain's Islander, versus the very similar "American State National" which equals Minnesotan, Californian, Ohioan.....and so on.

Behind all this deceptive word-play is a need to explain how nearly a billion  Americans over the past 83 years have been defrauded, mischaracterized, enslaved and preyed upon by the British Government and the British Monarch controlling the "United States" and by Westminster controlling the "District of Columbia Municipal Corporation"--- when they are all sworn  by the most solemn international treaties to defend and protect us on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways and to show us perpetual amity, friendship, and aid. And also how the French Government sponsoring the IMF has contributed endlessly to this fraud and predation against the American People while maintaining such cordial relationships and pretending such gratitude to its Liberators.

They could only do this by practicing what is in effect national identity theft, and by willfully misrepresenting and mischaracterizing us--- which is a violation of the Geneva Conventions  and a war crime, but which they have nonetheless done to our great detriment and their great shame.

First, their Stoodge, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, "mistook" our honest trade names for Foreign Situs trusts owned and operated by his own bankrupt governmental services corporation doing business as "the United States of America".  How he pretended to just suddenly come upon these assets and offer them as collateral backing the debts of a private, mostly foreign governmental services corporation--- and got away with it----is evidence of massive international fraud.

This was made possible because the name "Mary Jane Evans" used as a Trade Name on the land looks exactly the same as "Mary Jane Evans" used as the name of a Foreign Situs Trust operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  It was also made possible because the British Government, French Government, and Holy See stood mum in the face of this shameless false claim and bilked the American People.

In one vile act of fraud based on "deceptively identical names" Roosevelt established false claims of indebtedness against Americans and mischaracterized them and removed them from the land jurisdiction they are heir to.  In so doing, he also deprived them of the Law of the Land and the guarantees they are owed under the actual Constitution for the united States of America.  He also created the false idea that we and our states of the Union were bankrupt and incompetent to handle our own affairs and left us and our property to the mercy of the "US Trustees"---- the misnamed DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE run by members of the State Bar Associations.

We can now show you the actual forms these devils in suits and black robes have used to deprive you of your lives, your freedom, your labor, your homes, your land, and everything else worth having on Earth.

The Americans soldiered on despite this gross abuse and fraud and little by little, our grandparents, parents, and we, ourselves, paid off the false debt imposed by the Roosevelt Administration.  In 1999, the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc., was finally discharged and settled.

Slowly, bit by bit, in every corner, Americans began rebuilding their lives and their actual organic States on the land jurisdiction---but largely without realizing the immensity of the fraud committed against them, nor the necessity of addressing it and formally reclaiming their names and estates on the land.

Now, the international bankers are trying to foist off another Great Fraud. They are trying to claim that we are "stateless" and that we no longer have any "currency in international circulation" and that all our land, etc., is "abandoned property"---- ripe for the Secondary Creditors of the bankrupt IMF franchise doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC., to come in here and steal everything in sight.

But not all of us have been asleep, and as long as one American still lives on the land and claims their due as one of the "free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States" it will not be possible for the rats to pull it off.  Such was the genius of our Forefathers that we are each one of us organic states of the Union, so we cannot be stateless.  Each one of us is fully vested with the government of the land jurisdiction of this country.  Each one of us is a nation under international law.  And even one of us can claim it all back for all the others.

Suffice it to say that the alarm has been raised.  The false claims have been objected to.  Appropriate action has been taken---- but a lot remains to be done. Millions upon millions of Americans must be awakened to the danger and to the fraud which has been perpetuated in our midst.  They must be taught how important using the right name and operating in the right jurisdiction (on the land) really is.  They must understand how this fraud was executed so that it can never happen again.

Please help get the word out and get your name changes and deeds of re-conveyance on the record. As millions of Americans wake up and reclaim their Good Names and their property and as international understanding of the fraud grows, the bankers, lawyers, and politicians who have created and implemented this gargantuan fraud scheme will be caught out and brought to justice.  This is all clearly a matter of crime, of moral turpitude, fraud, and intent to harm innocent people via racketeering and inland piracy and not a political matter at all.

The gratitude of the British Government has been expressed as willingness to endanger, defraud, mischaracterize, and rob their American Allies without mercy for the better part of 100 years.

It is to our eternal glory that we have labored and paid not only for our own debts, but for the debts of most of the known world.  It has been our part to rebuild what was destroyed --- albeit, we have done it as the victims of inland piracy and press-ganging and enslavement and fraud.

It is to the eternal shame of the British and French Governments and of the Holy See that this has been allowed to go on, as well as to the shame of all the "American" politicians who stood belly-deep in the fraud and who have fed upon it like pigs in slop.

Now comes the Awakening, and with it, a great many accounts to be adjusted.