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Judge Anna Von Reitz- - Comment on Fulford Report of October 3, 2016: FED v. IMF

Judge Anna Von Reitz

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October 4th 2016

I have been inundated with people wanting to know what I think about Fulford's report yesterday on the Federal Reserve.  There seems to be some confusion over what his report means.

It means that the Federal Reserve was involved in a gigantic counterfeiting scheme and that the United States Army is for reasons unknown (but which we can guess) standing around letting the Federal Reserve shred the evidence.

The facts as Fulford presents them are these--- a relatively small gold hoard's actual asset value was grossly inflated and then translated into "dollars" by the Federal Reserve.  This had the affect of counterfeiting 23 trillion dollars based on negligible assets.

This is similar to what they have gotten away with on a much smaller per transaction scale for many years using relative small bank deposits as the basis to loan several times that amount as new money backed by the deposit--- so-called "fractional banking" which was legalized counterfeiting, too, and just one of the many ways the banks have benefited themselves at our expense.

This practice guaranteed that it would NEVER make economic sense to save your money for any rainy days because it enforced constant devaluation of the currency and created constant inexorable inflation.

What the Fed did this time was outright crime, far, Far, FAR in excess of any chronic inflationary gambit.  This was one gigantic bite worth the entire United States National Debt, plus interest, and by doing it, the Federal Reserve cheated everyone everywhere who was holding Federal Reserve Notes by devaluing them and flooding the world market with worthless counterfeit paper.

Most likely they did this to make up for the "missing" National Credit money owed to the American People--- which these same banks siphoned off as "abandoned funds" over the years and exchanged for other international currencies.  They had to "expand" the currency in circulation to  hide the fact that our National Credit was stolen and that it is still owed to us.

We have had crooks in charge of our money and banking institutions since 1913--- and it hasn't mattered much whether we were dealing with the Federal Reserve or the International Monetary Fund.  The overall program agenda of pillaging and plundering the clueless Americans has remained the same and aside from counterfeiting so have the means: unlawful conversion, deliberate inflation, false claims on abandonment, and failure to re-convey property assets.

The impact of this counterfeiting  by the Fed is potentially catastrophic and needs to be addressed as a crime of the First Order, but bringing the criminals to justice will require a coordinated international effort and a widespread understanding of what they have done to America and the world.

The IMF must similarly be brought to justice for crimes that are in their own way even worse.  While the Federal Reserve has grossly abused its position of trust and mercilessly bilked the American People via currency manipulation for more than 100 years, the IMF has been doing the same thing using commercial paper of a different sort. 

Just as the Federal Reserve has counterfeited the currency, the IMF has counterfeited our signatures to create "derivatives"---- basically, creating false contracts and bogus unregistered security interests based on copying our signatures without our knowledge or consent.

These criminal counterfeiting practices, one based on counterfeiting currency and one based on counterfeiting our signatures on contracts, have given rise to vast private trading platforms to deal in the illicit goods thus produced.  And this has gone on for years under the noses of Interpol, the FBI, CIA, SEC, IRS and every other regulatory agency supposedly on our payroll to prevent such things from happening.

The short explanation is that the banks bought all these alphabet soup agency subcontractors lock, stock, and brand name, and placed them under the ownership of holding companies that are owned by the same banks that are doing the dirty work.  Via manipulating the management of the holding companies the banks could then manipulate and control the management of the regulatory agencies that were supposedly riding herd on the bank. 

Thus, the FBI---just for example--- which is supposed have the lead in detecting and preventing interstate bank fraud, has instead been tasked to act as an enforcer for bank-sponsored land grabs in the western states.

The DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE is supposed to be riding herd on all these agencies, but has been tasked to defend them, instead.

 All the State Attorney Generals are supposed to be acting as the People's Advocates against the State bureaucracy to keep it in line, but have  been re-tasked by the banks to defend their local state franchise operations instead.

So what we have here is a very cozy little crime syndicate ménage et trois  in which the agencies and departments which are supposed to regulate the banks are working for the banks instead.

The people are being robbed, defrauded, mischaracterized, and abused without shame by their own employees who have been misdirected and commandeered by these foreign bank interests.

We are in terrible need of truly independent criminal prosecution and enforcement of national and international law, but this is becoming increasingly difficult owing to the ability of the banks to fund or defund the enforcement agencies and to buy-off and threaten politicians.

Instead of enforcement of the banking and securities laws we've had FED v. IMF fights in which one gang of criminal bank thugs have attacked the other gang of criminal bank thugs and this has been the only thing holding them in check.

It is long past time for the people of this world to wake up and grab an oar and for the military and the police to address the real problem----and let's take a hint, the problem isn't a bunch of people innocent enough to call themselves "sovereign citizens"